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Hi, thanks for visiting my Site, I’m Lukas Lechner!

I am a passionate Software Developer since I was 15 years old. After compulsory school, I started studying Medical Informatics at the Technical University of Vienna. During my studies, I worked for several different companies and developed some Database (sql, plsql) and C# Applications.

In 2014 I found big interest in Mobile Application Development – Android Development to be specific.  So I decided to jump into that field after finishing my master’s degree. I quickly got a position at Tailored Apps – Austria’s leading mobile app agency (we are hiring).  Together with an awesome team, I am able to work on some of the biggest mobile Apps in Austria, like die PresseGeizhals or willhaben. If you live in Austria and possess an Android phone, it’s pretty likely that you have used some apps or features that I have developed.

I put a lot of effort in writing clean, readable, understandable and maintainable code. I always try to stay on the edge of new technologies around Android Development. Lately, I found great pleasure in the modern programming language Kotlin.

In late 2016, I decided to create this blog. Besides helping some other developers with my content, I also hope to improve my development and communication skills by carefully expressing my thoughts when writing new posts. In January 2017 I got featured in several Newsletters, like Android Weekly and Kotlin Weekly.